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The Best Reputation Management Strategies Google Star Rating

What strategies can be used to improve your company’s Google star rating through customer reviews? These essential tips will encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences, while also limiting negative feedback.

Encouraging happy customers to leave reviews is our preferred approach. However, the more direct solution is to enhance the customer experience in-store. A superior customer experience will lead to increased positive reviews and a higher Google star rating.

The influence of the quantity of Google reviews on the number of stars received

Widewail has gathered exclusive information from the beginning of 2023, comprising a study of 1.6 million Google reviews from clients of 16,000 newly-established car dealerships. The outcome is a data-based representation of the undeniable correlation between the volume of Google reviews and the enhancement of star ratings.

The more reviews a Google Business Profile receives, and the higher the percentage of positive feedback compared to negative feedback, the higher the average star rating tends to be. Our studies have consistently demonstrated that actively asking for reviews results in a more accurate reflection of the customer base, which in turn raises the ratings. However, without actively seeking reviews, unhappy customers are more inclined to leave feedback than satisfied customers, leading to a higher percentage of negative reviews and ultimately lower Google star ratings.

The method Google uses to determine star ratings on local search results

Chances are, you have numerous satisfied clients every month. Whether your company manages this internally or utilizes a Google review platform, the techniques outlined in this article for enhancing your star rating will assist you in transforming more of these positive experiences into public feedback, ultimately strengthening your online credibility.

Before we discuss methods for boosting a Google star rating, let’s delve into the basics of how these ratings are calculated.
Previously, Google would prioritize local search results based on the user’s physical location, such as the nearest bakery. However, now it also takes into account the bakery’s popularity, even if it means adding a few extra minutes to the user’s journey to get a scone between meetings.

Google promotes businesses to seek and respond to customer reviews actively. With almost half of consumers refusing to even consider a business with a rating lower than 4 stars, we see this as an essential component of your reputation management plan.

Request feedback from all of our customers

It’s easier to talk about than to do, but the initial step in boosting your Google star rating is to start asking for more reviews. And it’s important to do this consistently, with every customer, every time. If you picture a sample of your customers, most of them will have their needs satisfied with a generally acceptable experience.

They achieved their goal. As a result, they probably won’t write a review unless prompted. Customers often don’t think twice when things go as expected.

On the other hand, a negative experience prompts action. People feel motivated to share their experiences and prevent others from being treated unfairly. This is completely understandable.
As a result, your business has an opportunity. If you ask, you will receive it. Encourage all your customers to provide feedback and more satisfied customers will join in.

We have found that the easiest way to get more positive reviews is to simply ask. Make it easy for customers to give feedback, and then invite everyone to participate.

Make it easy for your customers

Once you have inquired with your clients, to prompt them to complete the process, it is important to simplify the process of submitting a review. The process should be as simple as searching for directions on Google Maps.

If executed correctly, more satisfied customers will take the short amount of time needed to leave a 5-star review online. The effort involved reflects the level of loyalty they have towards your business.

For some, it may seem insignificant, but it is still a valuable opportunity for your brand to take advantage of and should contribute to an increase in Google reviews.

Top Tip: Our phones are with us almost constantly. Therefore, we suggest utilizing SMS to effectively increase the number of reviews. Texting is a straightforward and convenient way of communicating. It is also confidential and regulated by the TCPA. As a result, it should be used carefully, but requesting a review after a transaction is completely appropriate.

After opening an SMS review invitation, the goal is to guide the recipient to the review page on their mobile device with just a few clicks. If the customer is providing a star rating and a brief comment, the entire process could be completed in 20 seconds.

Handle negative feedback

A study conducted by HBR using TripAdvisor data discovered that businesses experience a 12% increase in average review volume and a 0.12-star increase in ratings when they start responding to reviews. From a personal perspective, if customers notice that you are interacting with their feedback, they are more likely to express their opinions.

Furthermore, it’s important not to overlook dissatisfied customers. It’s crucial to reply quickly, professionally and respectfully. It’s also advisable to suggest continuing the conversation offline to address and resolve the issue. We have created a comprehensive handbook to assist in handling unhappy customers. It is a common occurrence for a dissatisfied customer to change their review to reflect a positive experience after a business actively seeks a resolution.

Act on that feedback

Returning to the introduction, all the strategies mentioned earlier will assist in enhancing your star rating, but fundamentally, it is crucial to ensure an exceptional in-store experience for the customer.

Feedback from reviews provides a valuable ongoing source of information, enabling you and your team to make small adjustments as needed and, in a worst-case scenario, address any brand reputation issues.

Developing a reputation management strategy

Customers depend on genuine reviews to offer a reliable, impartial portrayal of a business to assist them in making a well-informed choice.

Developing a reputation management strategy to enhance your Google star rating is a valuable objective. The most reliable method to ensure the reliability of your brand’s online reputation is to embrace and address all feedback from customers.

By following this approach, Online Reputation Manager clients typically see an increase in ratings from 4.4-4.7, and even more for businesses with a lower initial rating. These six steps will assist you in amplifying the voice of your satisfied existing customers, overshadowing negative feedback, converting dissatisfied customers into happy ones, and preserving a high Google star rating.

Find out more by watching our demo video or contact us today to get started.

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