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Review Sites Beyond Google Building Your Brand

There is no denying that Google is the most reputable platform for reviews in every sector. This giant search engine also contains a huge number of reviews, with 73% of all online reviews being found on Google. Your local business needs to receive reviews on Google in today’s world.

Google’s significance cannot be overstated, as 87% of shoppers rely on it to assess local businesses. Despite this, consumers also utilize various other review platforms to aid in their purchasing decisions. According to Brightlocal, nearly half of consumers used Yelp or Facebook to evaluate local businesses in 2022, while over 25% utilized Tripadvisor and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the same purpose.

Certainly, filling up a multitude of directories may appear overwhelming, however, numerous tools and services for managing business listings can streamline this crucial aspect of local marketing/SEO. The key is to make sure it gets done, by any means necessary.

Additionally, Google will examine and consider the quality and precision of your business listings on other platforms when determining its ranking in search results. Google may be the leader, but it’s important not to overlook other important review sites.

Taking care of your local business listings means ensuring that your business is listed on various review websites. It’s crucial to present your business in the best possible light, as you never know where your customers may come across you.

You will discover 5 review websites to showcase your local business on, along with Google, with this enlightening article.

1. Yelp

yelp logoOver half of consumers rely on Yelp reviews to assess local businesses, with 29% trusting Yelp more than any other review platform for food and beverage recommendations. Yelp is known for its in-depth, detailed reviews that are particularly useful for those looking for the best dining and drinking experiences. While it is commonly used for finding restaurants, Yelp also lists various other types of businesses. However, not all businesses are eligible, as Yelp generally only allows traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and local service providers to be listed on their platform. Despite this, Yelp is still a valuable tool for most local establishments.

Please be aware that Yelp does not allow businesses to request reviews. As a result, Widewail has observed that many businesses’ Yelp ratings are lower than their ratings on other platforms. Unfortunately, Yelp does not permit businesses to ask satisfied customers for reviews to improve their ratings. Nevertheless, we encourage businesses to keep delivering excellent customer service in the hope that positive reviews will come naturally.

2. Apple Business Connect

Apple Business Connect LogoApple has recently introduced Apple Business Connect, an updated version of the complimentary tool that enables businesses to generate a personalized listing card visible to all Apple users. While businesses have always been searchable on Apple Maps, now business owners can customize their listings. This is a significant advantage for businesses aiming to differentiate themselves. The platform pulls reviews and images from Yelp and also features its simple rating system (👍 or 👎) for select categories. It is highly recommended that businesses to claim their listing on Apple Business Connect to control how their business is presented to Apple users.

3. Facebook

Facebook logoDespite a gradual decline, 46% of consumers utilized Facebook to assess a local business in 2022, which accounts for nearly half of all consumers. Instead of employing a 5-point star rating system like Yelp and Google, this platform gives users the option to either “endorse” or “not endorse” a business.

One of the platform’s strengths is its alignment with the fact that personal recommendations are the most reliable. According to a report by Kantar, 93% of individuals trust recommendations from their family and friends. Consumers can view which businesses their network of Facebook friends endorses and, as a result, make informed purchasing decisions. Facebook also functions as a review platform, allowing users to search for a business, see the average rating, and peruse reviews from previous customers. Being on Facebook is still essential in 2023.

4. Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor logo designNo matter if you run a hotel, motel, or Holiday Inn, it’s important to have your business listed on Tripadvisor. A recent study found that 31% of people rely on Tripadvisor the most when they’re looking for reviews of hospitality businesses.

However, when it comes to food and drink, only 3% of people trust Tripadvisor, with most preferring Yelp. Therefore, if you own a restaurant or bar, it’s essential to claim your listing on Tripadvisor for accurate information but keep in mind that your customers trust Yelp more for reviews of dining establishments.

5. Better Business Bureau

bbb logoThe main focus of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is to assist in the growth of your business and to verify the authenticity of online customer reviews. In cases where customers raise complaints, the BBB aims to help in resolving these disputes. With 24% of consumers preferring to BBB for information on businesses, it is important to optimize your business listing.

This is particularly important for professional trades and real estate companies, as 17% of consumers trust BBB for information on real estate agents and 21% trust BBB for home services businesses.

Unlike Yelp and Trip Advisor, which cater to specific industries, BBB is suitable for all types of businesses, but it is notably more trusted for certain industries.

Main Points:

  • Apple Business Connect has recently allowed for business listings to be claimed. The first step should be to claim your business and personalize your listing.
  • Even though trust in the platform is decreasing, Facebook is still an excellent option for listing your business.
  • For restaurants and bars, being listed on Yelp is essential.
  • Hotels and other hospitality businesses should consider using TripAdvisor.
How to manage these review sites?

On the Online Reputation Manager dashboard, you select from these 5 review sites. Along with a wide variety of over 200 review websites that cater to 40 different industry sectors.  As a result, monitoring leading review sites is quick and easy.  Contact the Online Reputation Manager experts for a free demo today.

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