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What was a burden is now your biggest opportunity to grow your local business with reviews, keywords, and rankings. Get NEW CUSTOMERS all on AUTOPILOT.

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Take control of your online reputation

You know consumers are relying on reviews and Google search more than ever before to inform their purchasing decisions. Ratings can be the difference between you or your competition growing or closing the doors.
Online Reputation Management in Wiltshire

Quickly get to the top of Google search

Google is placing greater importance on recent reviews in every update they release. By utilizing our services, you can experience significant ranking improvements and swiftly appear on the first page of Google search results for new keywords. This is achieved through generating genuine positive reviews on autopilot from your satisfied customers. The top three results on Google’s search page for local businesses, like yours, receive more than 80% of the clicks.
Online Reputation Management in Wiltshire

Get real reviews from over 40% of customers entered

The secret is we ask for the review at exactly the right time, make it easy on you and your customers and follow up automatically.

Getting real reviews has never been easy but our process has automated and perfected the process and after helping over 10 thousand businesses worldwide generate millions of new real reviews we know what we can do for your business.

Negative reviews get internalized as customer feedback which only you can see and can be used to better your business.
Online Reputation Management in Wiltshire

Customers reviews

Check out some clients’ reviews and their experience.
"Nick Banduch is at the top of the league in helping business to be successful. His knowledge, design and construction of web sites is first class. He has consistently delivered excellent results during the many years he has handled my companies advertising and has won awards for innovation in this field. Look no further if you want great results handled in a professional and courteous manner. "
" We have used Nick for our web services for years. Very professional service and always available to help. Local SEO services have helped our print business grow. I would recommend to anyone who wants a quality service that's value for money. "
" I have had the pleasure of working with YOW Internet over the last couple of years on our company’s website development and I cannot express how impressed I am with the results. Nick has demonstrated a level of expertise and professionalism that has exceeded our expectations. Thanks YOW Internet - Online Reputation Manager. "

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Online Reputation Manager is an amazing tool that empowers local businesses to thrive. Countless local businesses have found success with Online Reputation Manager, boosting their online reviews, attracting new customers, effortlessly handling customer interactions, and increasing their sales.

Monitoring your online brand reputation can be challenging if you lack the necessary tools. Depending on the scale of your business, you have the option to utilize news tracking services such as Meltwater or free services like Google Alerts that scour their search results for your brand name.  There are numerous paid and unpaid tools available for social media mentions, such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or services like Loomy and Social Baker.


At Online Reputation Manager, we keep tabs on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yell, and TripAdvisor, and promptly notify you of any customer feedback so that you can respond promptly.

All individuals can easily utilize a Google search engine or engage with social media, eliminating the need to search extensively for positive or negative content related to different brands, products, or services. A favorable online brand image will encourage customer allegiance, boost financial performance, and enhance customer trust in your company’s brand.

As reported by fastcompany.com, a bad reputation can typically be attributed to three factors: your demeanor, conduct, or lack of professionalism. A staggering 58% of businesses have encountered fraudulent reviews, in addition to overseeing authentic ones.


Unfavorable fraudulent reviews can undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on a company. Moreover, if a business promotes or keeps a fake review and the customer finds out, it could result in the exposure of the business.


A 1-star review complaint was received by one of our clients on Google, which left the owner devastated. However, they were confident that they hadn't done anything wrong. Prior to this, the customer had never received a rating lower than 5 stars, so this had a significant impact on their overall score.

Nevertheless, the business recovered by focusing on its satisfied customers and quickly gained ten new 5-star reviews on Google within a week to counteract the negative feedback. This can only be achieved with the appropriate reputation management tools to maintain a positive reputation.

It can be challenging to detect fake reviews, and they can influence consumers’ purchase choices negatively. If you identify fake reviews, report them to the platform where they are posted.  It is crucial to respond to reviews openly and accurately, maintaining professionalism and accuracy.


To mitigate the impact of negative reviews, gather additional positive reviews from genuine customers who have had a favorable experience with your brand. With our online review management software, we can oversee your reviews, provide appropriate responses in a timely manner, and address any negative or fraudulent reviews on your behalf.

An unhappy client can have an adverse effect on the digital image of your brand. Unfavorable reviews on the internet could result in the loss of purchases, reservations, potential employees, and memberships. This can impact not only your revenue, but also all of your promotional endeavors and the way the public views your company.


An ineffective reputation management strategy can lead to diminished search engine rankings, reduced credibility, financial losses, and higher marketing expenses. It can also lead to decreased interaction with customers, harm to brand reputation, and lowered customer and employee loyalty. Ensure that your company's online image is well-maintained by enlisting the services of Online Reputation Manager.

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The Online Reputation Manager offers month-to-month plans, but there is also an option to sign up for an annual plan which lasts for 12 months. 

Certainly, in the event that you determine that the Online Reputation Manager is not the most suitable platform for your local business, please feel free to speak with one of our team members to discontinue your account.
Certainly, you have the option to adjust your plan to a higher or lower level at any point.
Yes, we provide a £20 reduction each month for annual subscriptions.
You have the option to add new locations on your business account as long as all the locations are under the same type of plan. The pricing for the plan is based on each individual location. Additonal location costs £20.00
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